Welcome!  Please Read Carefully TM  is a plain English writing service based near London UK. Clear language is essential for good communications, well-being and safety. For example; how to take a medicine, use a medical device or understand a report. We work with you, to connect effectively with your patients, clients and the public.

Covid 19 - please note that this service remains open during the pandemic.

About Please Read Carefully (PRC):
PRC is owned and managed by specialist writer Jane Lamprill.  She is passionate about good communications and has English as her mother tongue. Jane runs a flexible and economical service, and supports a wide variety of clients and their projects.

  • Jane has been writing plain language information for patients, parents and children since 1999.
  • This culturally-sensitive information has been translated into many languages for global medical research.
  • She recently gained the Plain English Diploma, to build on previous experience and improve her service to clients.

Services & contact:
Jane writes for the pharmaceutical, medical device, healthcare and general business sectors.
Services are listed below, but are not limited to a particular industry or size of contract.
'Mini-contracts' are also available for fast turn-around bursts of work (minimum 4 hours).
  • Please scroll down this short website to contact us.

Good business ethics:
  • Good business ethics and high quality services are core to Jane's values. 
  • She records time truthfully in 5 minute units to keep clients' costs down.
  • Jane works directly with clients, so there are no agency fees.
  • Jane does not accept work which is, or might become unethical or illegal.

Examples of plain language writing services

1) Pharmaceuticals, medical devices & health

           Pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • Layperson summaries for EU/536/2014 database
  • Summary of safety and clinical performance (Eudamed database)
  • Easy language clinical trial information
  • Consent and child assent information with artwork
  • Help with UK ethics committee applications
  • Package inserts for medicines (PILs)
  • User instructions e.g. medical equipment
  • Non-promotional website Information for patients 
  • Hospital information for patients and carers 
  • Public Health messages & website copy
  • Clear language clinical procedure information
  • Hospital information for patients and carers
  • Care home brochures for the elderly and their families
  • Text adaptation for e.g. partially sighted people
  • Ethics sections, EU grant applications


2) Business, enterprise and local government
  • Business reports & customer service information
  • Shareholder report summaries
  • Guidelines with clear explanations
  • Key-fact documents and reminders
  • Enterprise funding applications
  • Easy language website communications
  • Editing  where English is a second language
  • Consumer documents & instructions

Just so you know… PRC doesn’t

  • Translate legal text into plain English
  • Translate into other languages
  • Perform work considered unethical

Contact us

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